Membership Information

To join the REALTORS® Association of Lincoln please email the Membership Director. She will send you detailed instructions with specific steps about how to become a member.

Licensed real estate agents, brokers, and appraisers can begin the application process by completing a REALTOR® application. Non-licensees are eligible for Affiliate Membership (see below).

You will need to make an appointment to join. This appointment will only take about 20 minutes and will be scheduled in the order requests are received. It can take a few days to get on the calendar, so please plan your business accordingly. If you have questions about membership, or want to schedule your appointment, please contact the Membership Director at 402.441.3621.

What is an Affiliate Member?

Affiliate Members are professional friends of the association who are generally involved in businesses related to the needs of the real estate industry. Affiliate members are not licensed as real estate brokers, agents or appraisers, but enjoy the benefits of increased opportunities for networking and exposure to the real estate community.

Individuals interested in an Affiliate Membership may begin the process of membership by contacting the Membership Director. An Affiliate Application and instructions about what steps you need to take to join will be sent to you. If you have questions about membership, please contact the Membership Director at 402.441.3621.

Current Affiliate Members are professionals from a wide variety of businesses including: Title Insurance, Mortgage Lending, Home Warranty, Insurance, Mold Removal, Contracting, Plumbing, Heating & A/C, Electrical, Painting, Decorating, Home Inspections, Cleaning, Mailing, Technology, Training, Education, and more!  You can view the Affiliate Membership Roster on this website.