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The mission of the Association is to provide programs and services that enhance your career. As a REALTOR® you work hard and it is important to know the benefits available to you. Through the REALTOR® organization you gain the strength of numbers for industry issues and purchasing power; a higher level of professionalism through standards of practice; and the right to use the term REALTOR®.

The REALTOR® Brand
The term REALTOR® (pronounced REAL’-TöR) refers to an exclusive group of real estate professionals who are members of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® and subscribe to its strict Code of Ethics. Many consider the REALTOR® Code of Ethics to be the greatest benefit of membership. It sets you apart in the eyes of the public. You have a membership duty to understand the Code of Ethics and to conform your conduct to its lofty ideals. The REALTOR® trademark and the block-R REALTOR® logo are for use by members only under strict guidelines. It’s your brand, please use it correctly.

Three-Way Agreement
The REALTOR® organization is a three-tiered association. By joining the REALTORS® Association of Lincoln, you also join the state association (Nebraska REALTORS® Association) and the national association (National Association of REALTORS®) under a unique three-way agreement.

National Association of REALTORS®
The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) has over 1 Million members and is one of the largest professional associations in America today. The size of the national association allows it to be one of the most powerful, grassroots lobbying groups in Washington with the power to positively influence congress, benefiting the interests of the real estate industry and fight for the rights of private property and home ownership.

The National Association of REALTORS® is a powerful resource for your business. The programs and services available to you as a member can be overwhelming, but it’s easier to access than you think! For information go to NAR’s Information Central at REALTOR.org. For telephone assistance, call 800-874-6500. NAR has a wide variety of valuable member-discount benefits.

Nebraska REALTORS® Association
Statewide, the Nebraska REALTORS® Association (NRA) has approximately 4,000 members — about 75 percent in the Lincoln and Omaha areas. In addition there are 16 other local REALTOR® associations in Nebraska.

The Nebraska REALTORS® Association offers a variety of services including lobbying on state issues, statewide professional standards administration and provides input to the national association on issues of importance to Nebraska REALTORS®.

The Nebraska REALTORS® Association provides educational opportunities, an Annual Convention and Exhibition, Legislative Meetings and a variety of member services including code of ethics enforcement. List of NRA benefits. For assistance, call 402-323-6500.

REALTORS® Association of Lincoln
The REALTORS® Association of Lincoln was chartered in 1920. Thirty-four years later the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) was launched to give brokers a tool to facilitate cooperation in the selling process. Today, the REALTORS® Association of Lincoln is a volunteer-driven organization with 14 standing committees and forums that give direction and provide feedback to a 16-member Board of Directors. All members are encouraged to volunteer for association committees.

The MLS system is operated by Midland MLS, a wholly owned subsidiary of the REALTORS® Association of Lincoln. Seven directors currently represent all participant-firms on the Board of Directors. An MLS Committee and Residential Forum meets monthly to provide input.

Midlands MLS also manages the GE/Supra electronic keybox system for optional use by members only. Utilizing the Supra iBox with either the eKEY or ActiveKEY, members are able to access listed properties and track showing activity.

Political Advocacy
Membership in the REALTORS® organization makes you an important part of Lincoln’s voice for real estate. Our association commonly takes a position Public Policy issues related to affordable housing, and the use, enjoyment and transfer of real property.

The Association remains active in issues with:

– Fair housing
– Roads and infrastructure
– Private property rights
– Flood control
– Local election races and political issues
– Job growth and economic expansion
– Quality of life and the affordability of housing in Lincoln.
– Business Enhancement and Professional Development

The REALTORS® Association of Lincoln provides services regardless of your specialty — residential, commercial, appraisal or property management. You have the opportunity to network, utilize business forms and other services provided for your benefit.

The Association also strives to enhance the REALTOR® image by promoting the activities of the association and the services of its members through promotions, news releases and various community service efforts on behalf of all Lincoln REALTORS®.

The REALTORS® Association of Lincoln brings special educational opportunities on topics of importance to its members. We partner with The CE Shop to offer discounted prices on continuing education approved for license renewal in the State of Nebraska.

The latest trends, legal issues and information are available to you through the Association’s three main information sources:

Lincoln REALTOR® News — printed bimonthly and distributed to all members.
Lincoln REALTOR® Weekly — published every week and sent to members via e-mail.
LincolnREALTORS.com — the latest and most complete member information.

The Association also communicates through popular social media sites: